Thursday, 14 April 2011

Getting closer

We're now in the later stages of building the technology platform under Closer Analysis, so I'm reviving and re-branding this old blog to support the new business.

I first set up this blog a couple of years ago, mainly as an experiment in the feasibility of regular posting while working full time as a financial services strategy consultant. The feasibility was pretty low, as shown by the infrequent posts. But now that writing for the Web is central to my job - well, we'll see.

Closer Analysis is all about insights from data. This blog is designed to be a forum for the other ideas and comments that are inspired by, but not directly driven from, the statistics.

I imagine it'll also be a wish list for more data I'd love to see the government and/or trade bodies gather and publish, to improve the quality of our insights still further.

We'll keep you posted, as it were.

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