Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris and satire

First, let's state the obvious: the terrorists attacks in Paris on 13 November were awful, shocking and unjustifiable. Like (almost) everyone else we of course feel sympathy for the victims and their loved ones, anger at the perpetrators and support for the people of France who now have to get on with their lives in the shadow of these events.

Now, though, a question: how should a satirical cartoonist respond to events like this?

The view we took was to make a statement that expressed how we felt - which is to say, quietly defiant - with absolutely no attempt at humour.

We also decided just to place a simple drawing on the website, without sharing it via any other social network. We feel it is wrong to use events like this to draw attention to ourselves, and find it sad that many people rush to show the world how deeply affected they are.

If the essence of satire is to point out irony and inconsistency, then there is much to be found in the response of the media and others to Friday evening's events, a great deal of which has been crass and self-seeking. But that can wait.

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